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Manoj Chaudhari Maths Academy Key to Success in Engineering Maths


Many students are terrified even by hearing the word Maths. And when it comes to engineering Maths most of the students get jittery. But at Manoj Chaudhari’s Maths Academy, a well-planned study pattern helps students perform well in their exams. The study process at MCA has allayed the fear of Maths in students of engineering.

Into its 16th year of coaching now, MCA believes in the play-way method of learning and the regular practice of writing. The methodologies have been formulated through years of interaction with teachers and students.

At MCA we offer a competitive learning environment with expert coaches. MCA prepares students for engineering success in a number of ways.

  • Students are evaluated on a daily, weekly and a monthly basis to gauge their preparation and understanding of the subject.
  • MCA is highly structured and process-oriented in which the primary focus is on making the student understand through concept-based sessions.
  • It is followed by regular practice to gain mastery over the topics and then evaluating with frequent test series to feel the ground reality of the exams.

This process instills higher confidence in the subject and utmost zeal to succeed in exams with flying colors.

MCA believes that nothing can be achieved without hard work and consistent practice. Thus, we resiliently follow a few things to make learning easy and success easier. These practices and norms include:

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